Derin Falana’s “These Days” – A Deeper Dive into Production and Lyrical Genius



In the ever-evolving landscape of music, certain tracks not only resonate due to their melodious appeal but also for their profound lyrical and production mastery. Derin Falana’s “These Days,” produced by Jahmal Gittens, is one such track that merits a closer look. This blog explores the elements that make “These Days” a standout piece in the modern rap scene, examining both Falana’s lyrical prowess and Gittens’ exceptional production techniques.

The Lyrical Journey

Derin Falana, a rapper hailing from Ontario, has always been known for his introspective approach to music. In “These Days,” Falana delves into themes of self-reflection, growth, and the relentless passage of time, which are relatable to his audience. His ability to weave complex emotions into accessible narratives is on full display here, as he discusses the pressures of success and the internal battles that accompany it.

Falana’s verses in “These Days” are a blend of raw honesty and polished artistry. He uses his personal experiences as a backdrop to comment on broader societal issues, making his lyrics not only personal but also universally appealing. The chorus, catchy yet profound, echoes the sentiments of many who find themselves pondering over their past and future, making the track a reflective anthem for the listener.

Masterful Production by Jahmal Gittens

Jahmal Gittens’ production on “These Days” is nothing short of stellar. Known for his ability to mix soulful beats with modern rap aesthetics, Gittens crafts a soundscape that perfectly complements Falana’s vocal delivery. The use of subtle background synths and a steady, understated beat sets a mood that pulls the listener into a state of introspection.

Gittens’ choice of minimalistic yet impactful instrumentals ensures that the focus remains on Falana’s lyrics while enhancing the overall emotional tone of the track. The integration of slight variations in the beat during different sections of the song demonstrates Gittens’ attention to detail and his mastery in creating dynamic musical environments.

The Impact of “These Days”

“These Days” stands out as a testament to the artistic growth of Derin Falana and the production acumen of Jahmal Gittens. It serves as a prime example of how thoughtful lyrics and meticulous production can come together to create a song that is both meaningful and melodically engaging.

The track has received accolades not only for its artistic quality but also for its ability to connect with listeners on a deeper level. It encourages a reflective journey, prompting listeners to consider their own “these days” moments, making the song more than just music but a shared experience.


Derin Falana’s “These Days,” produced by Jahmal Gittens, is a significant contribution to the contemporary music scene, showcasing the power of introspective rap. It highlights how music can be a mirror to the soul and a bridge between the artist and the audience. For those who appreciate music that combines thoughtful lyrics with captivating beats, “These Days” is a must-listen that continues to resonate and inspire.


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