How We Came To The Conclusion Toronto Rapper Nav Is a Member of The Weeknd’s XO

 Is Toronto’s Rising Rapper/Producer Nav a Member of XO?

We’re more than halfway through 2016 and Toronto’s rising star Nav has managed to get all his songs over a million plays and still remain a mystery. Nav has been releasing his own tracks for about a year now and before that he was creating killer beats. The Rexdale rapper has found a way into the media without revealing too much about himself. A lot of us are curious as to who’s Toronto’s newest wonder-boy and who’s he affiliated to. I hopped on the web, went into the nitty gritty of it and connected the dots.

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What We Know About Nav.

Nav has made it clear he is a proud member of the Rexdale community. It’s possible that Nav is from Indian decent seeing as Nav could be short for a few names of Indian origin (and there’s a big Indian community in Rexdale). He’s been releasing music for about a year and each of his 7 songs on SoundCloud are at over 2 million plays. He has about 90,000 followers on SoundCloud and over 30 million plays in total. His beat-making and production skills are insanely good. This year Nav got co-signs from Post Malone, Kylie Jenner, OVO Sound Radio, and The Weeknd’s manager Cash.

How Does He Do It?

Toronto’s scene is booming right now. Many young rappers are getting a chance in the spotlight, but the spotlight isn’t big enough for all our local artists. Nav came out of nowhere and surpassed many of the rappers who have been doing this for years. Artists like Jimmy Prime, and SAFE who’ve gotten a co-sign from arguably the biggest artist in the world–Drake–have a smaller following and have gotten less plays than Nav. What is it that Nav has, does, or who does he know which took him to higher platform quicker than most Toronto artists?

Putting The Pieces Together

Nav’s music has consistently made it onto my music rotation. From The Man to Ten Toes Down to Up every track is a solid banger. I started really researching Nav and who he’s affiliated to as soon as his newest track “UP” released. The track was co-produced by Metro Boomin’ which is not an easy collaboration to get. Recently we noticed Nav posted a photo of him wearing a Lowlife 4 Life hoodie with a link in the caption –

nav ll4l

When I first seen this I thought it was Nav’s brand, but I looked deeper. What I found out was that YCFU is The Weeknd’s manager Cash’s clothing brand. I then seen that Metro Boomin’ posted a photo with the exact same shirt and tweeted:

I also came across two old tweets with the hashtag #Lowlife4Life.

One was from The Weeknd:

The other was from Future:

By the looks of it FBG teamed up with XO for the new release of their brand. The real question now is: Why is Nav sharing this? Is he a part of XO? We believe so.

[UPDATE] Today (28/07/16)–a month after this article was published Nav released his debut video for Ten Toes Down. Immediately after it’s release the video got a tweet by none other than Toronto R&B superstar The Weeknd.

“Cash Found Me, I Got Cash Now.”

A few things lead us to believe that Nav is either signed to XO or just a part of the XO crew:

  1. Cash only shares XO members on his Twitter i.e. The Weeknd, Belly, and Derek Wise. Lately he’s been sharing a lot of Nav’s music on twitter.
  2. Nav is a part of Cash’s new clothing line release
  3. Nav shares XO member Belly’s music too and retweets Cash tweets referring to XO
  4. Nav is wearing a Lowlife 4 Life chain in this video:
  5. Nav drops a hint on being signed to XO on each verse of his new song Up
    • Verse 1: “See the X’s and the O’s and now she wanna kiss and hug.”
    • Verse 2: “Cash found me I got cash now.”

The bar in the first verse could basically mean that the women want him now that they see he’s an XO member.

The bar in verse two is pretty straight forward. Cash–XO’s co-owner and The Weeknd’s manager–found Nav and now he’s up.



Now although all of these hints make it nearly impossible for us to believe Nav is not a part of XO crew, there is always the chance Cash and The Weeknd are just supporting good music. If that were the case, it still wouldn’t change the fact that if a respected person of the music industry like Cash or Abel shares your music, it’s going to get plays. What do you think?

Are all these hints too small for us to come to the conclusion that Nav is an XO member? Or do these hints make it completely clear that Nav is XO’s newest (or soon to be newest) member?


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  1. he’s linked with Travis, ( beibs in the trap) Travis had 2 Tracks and a Tour with The Weeknd …hes deffs linked to XO

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