IN-POST BANNER: $12.00/6 days

The In-Post Banner is a banner ad placed in one of our 3-5 posts getting the most activity that week or month. This ad gets clients a chance to be seen on the posts that get us our most views and visitors. These popular posts are usually the ones with the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will get the most eyes. Dimensions for the art work must be 1200 pixels x 450-600 pixels 



TOP POST: $15.00/6 Days

The Top-Post is a special promo where we make the ad posting or feature write-up stick to the top of our home page. Our home page is the most popular page on our site and where visitors first land when visiting A Top-Post is the first thing our visitors see when visiting our site.


SIDEBAR AD: $6.00/6 Days

The sidebar ad is a small space on the right side of the site over our Twitter feed and under the search bar. This small ad is useful because it allows the client to get media such as audio, video, and photo right on the home page with out having to click through to a blog post. The Sidebar Ad also appears on every other page on our site including every blog post. 


Below is our full rate card and a contact form for Advertising and Promo inquiries