Toronto’s Young Rising Rap Star LB Drops His Debut Mixtape–”So Spiffy”

After a year of releasing consistent bangers and proving he has unlimited catchy choruses, LB releases his debut mixtape “So Spiffy”. 

LB is probably the youngest Toronto rapper doing the numbers he’s doing on Youtube. From his debut banger “My Phone”  to his first banger of 2018 “I Love My Gang” LB has hit millions of spins in a year. The melodic Toronto rapper has collaborated with many of his friends many of whom had no songs prior to working with LB. He’s really living up to his name (LB – Loyal Boss) by putting on his friends as soon as he got any shine. He has also been open to collaborating with other unknown local artists.

It’s been a good start to 2018 and his rap career in general for LB. Hopefully this momentum helps push the release of “So Spiffy”. Stream it below:

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