Toronto Recording Artist Kris Returns From Her 2 Year Hiatus With “Too Much Woman”

It’s been 2 years since Toronto rapper/singer kris released her debut EP–Don’t Feed The Animals. Since the project she only released a dope music video for her single Late at Night, and performed at UTOPIA  Music Fest 2017. Her new song “Too Much Woman” is her first release since the Late at Night video.

On her new single Too Much Woman shows us a more R&Bish side of her. She blends her usual rap sound–mainly inspired by Lil Kim–with some singing and melodizing. It’s a new sound for kris, but it seems to work. The production was handled by LEF7Y along with additional production from Junia-T, Vinny Paul, and a guitar solo by someone named Carlos Cuayatto.

Listen to kris on Too Much Woman–her first sing release in years:

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