Toronto’s Youngest Rising Star LB Makes His 2018 Debut With “I Love My Gang”

It was only a year ago when Jane and Finch’s youngest rising star Lb surfaced onto the Toronto hip-hop scene with his banger My PhoneSince then, the young rapper has built quite a reputation for himself. He spent the year releasing content, doing features, and killing every chorus he hopped on. Lb’s catchy flows, and quotable hooks have created a solid foundation for a career in rap.

This foundation gave the talented young artist a platform for 2018 and literally a year after his debut song My Phone, Lb releases this new banger “I Love My Gang”. The new Lb track is featuring a local artist named Ching. Charging for features and working with friends or members of his team is another way Lb built his audience in 2017. At the same time last year My Phone had not even had 50,000 spins, now it is almost at 1M, and his newest release got to almost 100K in just one week.

It’s safe to say Lb has created an audience for himself and is here to stay. So it’s about time you get to know the young Jane and Finch rapper. Listen to his new song “I Love My Gang” below:

Made in Toronto.

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