Scarborough Rapper Portion Pays Respects To OVO Affiliate And Friend In “Fif’s World”

Scarborough rapper Portion pays tribute to his fallen homie Fif with visuals for his new track “Fif’s World”. Fif–whom was a known OVO affiliate–passed away in September 2017 after being shot while waiting in the lobby of a building. Drake immediately took to social media on the day of Fif’s passing to pay his respects via a IG post.  For Portion though, the loss hit a lot closer to home. Portion lived in the same Scarborough hood as Fif and OVO rapper Baka. The loss of his friend must’ve inspired and motivated to come out of his hiatus, seeing as a couple months after his passing Portion released this tribute and sort of eulogy for his fallen homie Fif.

Take in the track and watch the video below:


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