Why The Remix Project Is The Foundation Of Toronto’s Blossoming Music Scene.

It was a magical evening at The Mod Club last night, for the graduation of The Remix Project round 13.0!

For those who aren’t familiar with The Remix Project and what it’s all about let me give you a brief introduction:

Remix is a non-profit art and cultural incubator with a focus on music. The initiative is over 11 years old and has been the starting point for many local success stories. Remix puts a heavy emphasis on community over everything, which is what’s made the organization such a prestigious, credible and locally recognized movement. Many of the current Remix Project mentors were alumni in the past and many local artists doing big things in their industry (i.e. Jessie Reyez, DVSN, Derin Falana, Pyrex, Bryan Espiritu, Friyie and many more) are also alumni of the Remix Project.

There’s nothing like being put in an environment where everyone is on the same page in one way, or another. Being a part of Remix you feel like you’re not alone. As creatives and professionals aiming to enter the music industry we’ve all felt intimidated by the sacrifices we’ve had (or have) to make and the challenges we might face on the chase to our dreams and goals. When taking the leap of faith in ourselves and our craft, we all get to that daunting point where we ask ourselves if we’re making the right move. Remix makes you feel like you are, and if you’re not they are there to help you find the right path for you. You’re given the support system by industry pros that have seen and contributed to the city’s come up. As a member of Remix you receive guidance and support from managers, creatives, and musicians who have worked with and still work with some of the biggest artists in the city. Artists like Jessie Reyez, Pyrex, Future The Prince, Derin Falana, Noah ‘40’ Shebib, and many more have gone through Remix and upon completion continued linking up with Remix mentors and collaborating with Remix peers. That’s the beauty of The Remix Project; upon graduating you’re not really done. The alumni phase is where a lot of participants find success and it’s thanks to the idea of collaboration and community, which Remix really instills in its participants from the start. (If this is the type of community you see yourself in, apply now! The application deadline for round 14.0 is December 31st)

Last night at The Mod Club was a perfect reflection of the community you’re entering when joining The Remix Project. The very supportive crowd included friends of current graduates, past alumni’s, mentors and friends of the organization, Torontonians aiming to apply for Remix Round 14 and of course the current round of graduates whom took the stage to receive a diploma for this very prestigious cultural accolade. The night included performances from all the performing artists in recording arts academy managed by Rich Kidd and Ricki. If you were there you got to witness history in the making, as many of these dope acts are future stars. The audience was very loud and supportive for each and every act, which is a great reflection as to what Remix is about.

If you were at The Remix Project grad night and did not recognize some of the acts, here’s a list of their names, along with a playlist I made to showcase some of the very talented people I met this year as a participant of Remix 13.0.

Jazzy Monika
Khadijah Lopez


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