Meet Friyie: The Toronto Rapper That Caught Floyd Mayweather’s Attention.

Maybe you haven’t heard of Friyie yet, but you almost certainly heard his music. His work has caught the attention of Floyd Mayweather, Anzel Jennings of Double Dose Entertainment, and much of the world. From the release of his successful singles such as Money Team and 5 Ways, Friyie has elevated his status from local star, to international acclaim.

Friyie - Spotify

How it Started

Friyie comes from the Jane and Finch area, something that he frequently references in his music and interviews. Early in his career he started out releasing music independently and frequently collaborated with local rapper Don Meeno. He appeared on multiple tracks on Meeno’s successful project Giinchy 5x in 2016.

As his reputation began to soar he announced the release of his then latest single Come and Get it and started a music campaign across social media. The song was a success, and it ended up on DJ Charlie B’s 2016 summer mixtape. It was literally being played across the city. The timing seemed perfect as Floyd Mayweather was set to make an appearance in Toronto during Caribana weekend, and was impressed by the young artist.

Friyie and The Money Team

On social media, images of Friyie with known affiliates and associates of The Money Team began popping up. His numbers and listens steadily increased. In the fall of 2016 Floyd Mayweather hosted a media event in regards to his label and Friyie was in attendance.


How Friyie and Toronto Won During the Mayweather-McGregor Fight

 When it was announced earlier this year that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor agreed to fight in a highly anticipated bout, they went on a four-city tour that included Los Angeles, Toronto, Brooklyn and London. The Toronto event took place at the Budweiser Stage, and Floyd Mayweather came out to Money Team. From there, the hype for Friyie’s music reached astronomical levels and he released the single shortly after.

Friyie with Mayweather and P-Reala

Friyie himself made a guest appearance on Showtime’s All Access performing the single, and Mayweather even name-dropped him on The Late Show with James Corden.

(Friyie reference begins at 0:42 mark)

On the day before the fight during the weigh-in, Friyie performed his hit single Money Team at the T-Mobile Arena, and it went on to amass over 1 million plays on Youtube and Spotify respectively. His singles, Come and Get it, Legendary, Money Team and 5 Ways were featured on Mayweather’s Spotify playlist for his training camp against McGregor. After Mayweather’s victory, Friyie released his latest single Undefeated. From Billboard articles, to radio stations in Vegas, to social media, Friyie’s music has become inescapable.

Friyie - Mayweather-McGregor Weigh-In

The Future

Mayweather described Friyie as “Drake and The Weeknd rolled into one.”  When you listen to his music, it’s not hard to see why he would make such a statement. Drake and The Weeknd have become one of the premier faces of hip-hop, pop and R&B for Toronto on an international level, which says a lot.

Although Friyie isn’t signed to Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team Music Group, he is an artist that Floyd is interested in supporting. In fact, Anzel Jennings, the manager of Bun B, was quoted as saying “Floyd’s supporting him.” With the support he’s received thus far, combined with his talent and work ethic, it seems he’s ready to join some elite company. At this point, it seems inevitable.

Friyie - Mayweather-McGregor Weigh-In (2)

Correction: This article originally stated that Friyie was signed to Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team Music Group, and that wasn’t the case. This article has since been updated.

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