PartyNextDoor Releases Four New Tracks on SoundCloud.

It was recently announced that we’d be seeing new albums from most OVO artists this Fall, including the project called Club Atlantis by PartyNextDoor. Since there is an album on its way, it’s surprising that over the course of the past few days we have seen four new songs from Party. They were all released on Soundcloud and he has confirmed they will not be part of his upcoming album.

The first to drop was “Break Me Down.” Many fans commented that it had a Young Thug vibe. The song is definitely the most personal out of the four, discussing having a breakdown. He also references two of his exes, Kylie and Kehlani, in the same line.


The second release was “Damn.” Lyrically it is a 180 from the previous song. In this track, he talks about learning from his past and staying true to himself on a more upbeat tune.



The third track was “Put it on Silent.” The repetitive chorus makes this a catchy song. The main theme is Party being the other man.



The last song, released just two hours after the third, was “Naked.” This is arguably the most danceable track of the recent drops. The theme, if not already obvious by the title, is getting naked.


Miranda Cleary

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