Hezi – Hi, My Name is Hez (Official Video)

As he had promised on social media this week, Hezi released a new song and an accompanying video within the first few minutes of Saturday called “Hi, My Name is Hez.” This is the first video we’ve seen from the young West End rapper in about 9 months, although he did drop a full project earlier this year called Cereal & Wine. He clearly decided to keep with that theme in this video, since he can be seen having Cheerios poured over him as part of it.

One of the lines on the track mentions how Hezi chooses to be humble, which is confirmed to be true when you look at the video’s description. When listing the stars of the video, including fellow rapper Clairmont the Second, he puts himself last. It shows that Hezi plans to keep his crew with him throughout his music career.

Watch the full video below.


Miranda Cleary

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