199Z’s First Music Fest Featured An All-Toronto/GTA Line Up & Was A Success.

The past few years have been a clear representation that Toronto’s music scene is becoming one of the hottest. As the eyes shifted towards us and opportunities opened up many young Torontonians took the plunge at whatever it is there vision was. Now, as our music industry begins to mature many local brands are arising and contributing even further to the future of our scene. 199Z is one of them.
199Z is a young multi-media company and apparel that has already begun to contribute to our culture. The apparel launched last year along with a 3-part cypher, which premiered on HipHopCanada. This year the brand continues to grow and contribute to our hip-hop and R&B scene with the 199Z Music Festival. The event is an ALL-TORONTO/GTA line up and will be headlined by Derin Falana and Mickey Blue.

Summer ’17 in Toronto has had its fair share of great local shows and festivals. Last week, as we hit the point where we start to realize the season is ending, Toronto multi-media company 199Z heated up the city with an amazing ALL-LOCAL hip-hop/R&B showcase.

The event was held on a Wednesday night at Adelaide Hall. Although weekday events can be difficult to bring people to, 199Z overcame that obstacle with a long set-list and great promo. It’s the first year, of what will most likely become an annual event and it showcases all local talent!

Following the release of his latest single “Break Out,” Brampton’s very own Derin Falana headlined the first 199Z Fest hosted by Marlon Palmer aka ThatDudeMcFly. Derin along with Mickey Blue, Ebhoni and Keffaleng took the stage at Adelaide Hall with local support from Aiza, Elcee The Artist, Ikeno, Liza, Mobi Mawla, Savadouchi, Sayzee and Seth Dyer.

It was a great night and it proved that the support for local artists is growing. It was an all-Toronto/GTA line up and Adelaide Hall was packed at certain points in the evening. The fact it was a long set-list and stretched out to the later hours of the night did eventually lead to people leaving early, but all-in-all it was a great turn out and an amazing show.

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