Toronto-Based London Artist, Gov, Releases New EP Titled “The Roses”

Gov is a unique new voice originally from London UK, but now based in Toronto, Canada. Hitting the scene in 2016 with his debut EP release “Nights”, the project featured artists such as Amir Obe, Keffaleng and Ye Ali who have all been releasing successful records in the last year as well. Premiering the EP via Complex Music, Gov established a genuine sound that fused elements of grime, trap, R&B and hip hop.

Now with his second official EP “The Roses”, Gov has been releasing a steady string of gems over the past few months. With heavy new drops such as “Body On Me” and “California”, Gov has built on the sound he established with “Nights” and “The Roses” touches more into an R&B feel with a down tempo electro influence in the production. Several producers are handling production, with the majority of the tracks done by RDY and Vino.

The new EP is now available on all stream services. To build a strong visual connection with the EP and give new fans a first hand look to the creative inspiration behind the music, Gov and his team put together a short film to accompany the project.

Speaking on how the film came together, Gov says  “Toronto embraced me with open arms and continues to show me so much love in all ways, it’s only right I did this movie. I felt to do a short film to accompany the project as opposed to a music video simply because I am a big movie geek and love short films and wanted a way to incorporate that into my art, so off of that “The Roses” short film was born. I wrote the screenplay with my close friend and director Anil and we pieced it together over 2 days of filming.”

“The short film was inspired by the music featured on the EP and essentially was a visual presentation of the project. The film highlights the inspirations, the emotions and overall mood of the EP. Whereas my first EP “Nights” was inspired by both my hometown of London and Toronto, “The Roses”, both the movie and EP were both inspired heavily by the city of Toronto. You can see it all in the focal shots of the city – the skyline, Yonge-Dundas Square, Kensington; they’re all as Toronto as you can get. Even the variation in shots, from the warm reds to the cold blues – that contrast is pretty much reminiscent of Toronto in the summer against Toronto in the winter.”

“The Roses” EP and short film are out now! Be on the look out for new drops from the project.

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