Brampton’s Van Hill Releases New Single With “Girls That Don’t Talk Much”

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A promising young talent from Brampton Ontario (West of Toronto), Van Hill has steadily released a solid catalog of music that continues to grow his fan base. After dropping an EP titled “Sad Day At Wonderland” in November 2016, Van has been working on new music for 2017.

Following up his previous release from April, “Rollin”, the young artist immediately sets himself apart as a true lyricist bringing a more artistic take on the genre. Intelligent word play coupled with a distinct style of signature production, Van Hill and his M5 crew are ushering in a new original sound.

Speaking on the new single, which deals with relationships and women that spread rumors, Van comments “I’d fall in love with a girl that says less than she’s supposed to. I’d fuck her a million times to silence. I would much rather hear her voice than to hear these reckless tings talk out loud. Reckless tings and their antics, I take no parts.”

Van is gearing up to release a new mixtape titled “Amsterdam Motor Show”, which is completed and expected for release very soon. Van is also working on a new project that is shaping up to be his debut album for later this year. Stay tuned for more new music and visuals.

Submitted by Breaking Ground Music Marketing 
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