The Guide To Toronto’s June 2017 Shows Featuring Local Hip-Hop/R&B Acts.


2017 is going by very fast and Summer ’17 is just around the corner. Along with Summer in Toronto comes various special events including music festivals and concerts. Summer hasn’t even officially started yet and there are already 5 shows featuring local acts you should be considering attending in June. Here they are:

uTOpia Music Festival – June 1st @ The Mod Club

Performances by:
Jimmy Prime

Smoke Dawg

Drew Howard 


Mike West

+ Special Guests

The 3rd edition of uTOpia Music Fest will kick-off the fun for the month of June. With an ALL-TORONTO/GTA line up, this event is definitely one you should plan on attending.

Since the announcement of the event it has been talked about. Originally the hosts were going to be Toronto Youtuber Marlon Palmer aka That Dude McFly and YesJulz. However, after the American promoter, PR specialist, and curator decided to make a controversial tweet, which received a lot of back lash. Julz decided to tweet a shirt with the “N” word on it with the caption “So…am I allowed to wear this shirt at the festival tomorrow or nah 👀.”

Twitter (especially Toronto Twitter) immediately got at Yes Julz and her tweet. This led to Julz being removed from 2 Toronto events. One of them was uTOpia Music Fest, which means ThatDudeMcFly will be the sole host on June 1st at The Mod Club.

Not only is the the 3rd edition of uTOpia Music Fest, but it’s Jimmy Prime’s first performance in over 2 years! So if you’re a fan of the Prime boy leader and OVO–affiliate you should already have your ticket by now.

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Khelani’s SweetSexySavage Tour – June 4th @ The Mod Club

Khelani has been touring the world for her SweetSexySavage Tour following the release of the project. Accompanying Khelani on her tour is Toronto’s very talented Def Jam signee Jahkoy. Although Jahkoy has been pursuing music in L.A. for some time now, he is a proud Toronto act. Following the release of his EP Foreign Water, Jahkoy was enlisted as an opener act for Khelani’s world tour.

On June 4th, 2017 the SweetSexySavage Tour touches down in Toronto, which means we get to see Jahkoy (and of course Khelani) live in concert! Check out what he sounds like live and make sure to buy tickets for his performance at The Mod Club asap.


Summers Interlude – Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave) – June 8th

Performances by:
Derin Falana
Leila Dey
Jayd Ink
Osei The Native

Among all these big tours and festivals this small event–Summer’s Interlude–stands proud with an all-Toronto/GTA line up. Although most of the acts on this bill are more local, it’s still a crucial event to attend if you want to understand the diversity of our local hip-hop/R&B scene.

The headliner for the show is Brampton’s rising rap star Derin Falana. He’s accompanied by 6 other local acts including Leila Dey, Jayd Ink, Osei The Native, and more.

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Manifesto 11 – June 10th @ Echo Beach

Performances by:
Derin Falana
Sean leon
The Sorority

It’s the 11th official Manifesto Festival and this year they’ve lined up some very special local acts for us. The actual music festival is on Saturday, June 10th and it includes performances from OVO’s Majid Jordan, Toronto’s TiKA, Sean Leon, The Sorority and Brampton’s Derin Falana. Aside from these very talented local acts there will be performances by The Internet, Isaiah Rashad, and more.

The festival will be at Echo Beach. There will be a launch party on June 8th and an after party for the festival on June 10th. Come out and support some of our talented local hip-hop/R&B acts for the 11th edition of Manifesto.

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NXNE –  June 23rd – June 25th @ The Port Lands

Performances by:
John River
River Tiber

Probably the most popular and prestigious show on this post is NXNE. This year the festival will be held at The Port Lands in Toronto. NXNE will take place at the end of June (23rd-25th) and will be a 3-day festival. Each day includes at least one act from Toronto’s music scene.

On Friday you can catch EMP (Eestbound, Milly Manson, and Pree’s) performance for NXNE.
On Saturday, Toronto’s young songstress Ebhoni and Mississauga’s up and coming rapper John River take the stage.
The festival ends on Sunday, and putting on for the city’s music scene on that day is a new singer named Saya, and east Toronto’s very talented musician River Tiber.

Artists like Post Malone, Kaytranada, and Amir Obé are some of the main attractions for NXNE this year. Definitely a festival you should consider attending, whether it’s to support local acts or to catch an artist you’re a fan of performing in the city.

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In conclusion, it’s a very exciting time to be apart of Toronto’s music industry. With artists getting noticed every day, and Summer just around the corner you can expect guides and lists like this one to be published more often from us. Prior to each month we’ll highlight some of the hottest shows including local acts and share it on social media. If you’re a hip-hop head, music junkie, Toronto supporter, or just a follower of Made in Toronto we hope you’ll support our music scene and either come out to these events or share the info with friends or peers who might be interested. Hopefully this guide gave you some information you didn’t already have. If there’s any shows, concerts, or festivals we missed please email us at and we’ll update this post.

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