Toronto’s MYNIAKAL Releases A New Track Fittingly Titled “Gone Since” To Introduce Himself As MYKAL GANNON.

After teaming up with Darrin Baker for “Stranded In Sauga” which dropped last week, Myniakal returns with a new song–“Gone Since“–and a new name–Mykal Gannon. This new record by Vaughan area’s very own Myniakal (or now Mykal Gannon), announces his name change via this song fittingly titled Gone Since. 

Although this release has a much different feel than his collab with Darrin Baker, the production team for both songs consisted of GoldSoul and Luca Mauti. It’s a fast-paced song in which Mykal explores themes of change, shedding ones old self and leaving their past behind.

Made in Toronto.

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