Toronto Rapper Killy Made His Visual Debut This Year And It Went Viral.

Prior to his viral music video release for his new banger “Killamonjaro” not many people knew Killy (including us). In under 4 months the video has picked up around 250K spins on Youtube and that’s huge for your debut video.

Don’t be surprised if this doubles in the next few months. With blogs like Pigeons and Planes, HipHopCanada, and artists like Jazz Cartier noticing you and sharing your music even more people start to click and fall in line.

Killamonjaro is an energetic, banger of a song complemented with very energetic and lit visuals. The perfect formula for a trap banger, which is clearly what Killy has provided. This hot new track officially creates a foundation for his following releases and his career as a rapper.

Make sure to watch Killamonjaro and follow Killy on social media:






Made in Toronto.

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