Derin Falana – Cruising

Brampton has been officially recognized has a hotbed for a lot of the talent coming our of Canada, and Derin Falana is a prime example of that. Falana’s growth over the years has been organic and inspirational. His debut release for 2017 is a song called Cruising produced by Po and Jordan Manswell with vocals by a local singer called AIONA. It’s a 2-part song and the second part got a music video attached to it. Listen and watch below:

The new Falana release is apparently a metaphor for being completely independent now. Derin starts by rapping:

“all the red lights are green now. Old friends like ‘how old is he now?’ My debt’s at way more than 3 thou, still my bills get billed to me now. This ain’t how shit used to be though, haven’t always shot my free throws, back when moms and pops were cheat codes. From now on I swear it’s beast mode.”

The song was very likely inspired by the fact that the stars aligned for Derin’s music career, as he explains in a video he recently released about doing music full time now.

Made in Toronto.

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