Puffy L’z – RiRi (Official Video)

You may know him as Puffy L’z, but the Halal Gang rapper hasn’t been taking any “L’s” lately that’s for sure. After appearances on Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour in Europe, Puffy dropped a new video for a new song titled RiRi.

 The song includes shots in a coin laundry and shots of Puffy cruising through Toronto in a Rolls Royce. The chorus for this new track includes clever usage of celebrity names as he raps:

“She gotta put in Work like Rihanna. And the work come white like Madonna. French bitch, she move coke…Montana. And for Juelz (jewels) she’ll dipset, Santana…”

Although Puffy’s flow isn’t as smooth and catchy as other artists, his pen game is strong and when you hear a Puffy L’z track you know it’s him. He’s found a sound of his own and so far it’s been working for him. In a  matter of a week Puffy’s video for RiRi got more spins than his Halal Gang group-mate Smoke Dawg’s song Count It Up.

Check it:

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