GIlla – Wrapped Up (Official Video)

The same hood that Gilla or Gillatein’s older brother P Reign released the first music video in which Drake made an appearance, is where Gilla’s video for Wrapped up was shot. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a Scarborough hood called Galloway and the two brothers represent G-Way with passion.

Right when Gilla’s video for Wrapped Up starts with a shot of the buildings in Galloway and cuts to a scene of an undercover harassing some locals. It then cuts to a shot of Gilla rapping the lyrics to the track. The RepsUp family continues to put their hood on the map, as the whole video was shot in G-Way. Get familiar with the Scarborough hood ’cause it’s the home of two talented rappers, brothers, storytellers, and leader of RepsUp–Gilla and P Reign.

Take in Gilla’s video for Wrapped Up:

Made in Toronto.

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