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NAV Drops Self-Titled Album & Announces Collab Album With Metro Boomin’ Is On The Way!

On February 16, 2017 Rexdale rapper and XO artist NAV released the first single–”Some Way”–off of his new debut self-titled album and it’s featuring The Weeknd. Now, the release date of his debut album has arrived and the 11-song album is out. The only feature on the project was the single, which he already released. After releasing the track list last week, NAV took to Twitter to let his fans know that the collaboration project with Metro Boomin’ is in the works and will be out as soon as it’s ready. With the announcement of his next project came it’s title–Perfect Timing.

NAV’s debut album and introduction to the world has dropped under The Weeknd’s XO Records/Republic Records. It was executive produced by NAV and his manager Cash with credits from Rex Kudo. Out of the 11 songs on the Brown Boy’s debut album only 3 were released last year and they were three of his bangers: Myself, Up (co-produced by Metro Boomin’), and TTD. If you’ve been a follower of NAV’s come up you’ll also notice that he sampled his first ever song release–She Know–for the interlude.

Take in Rexdale’s biggest rap star on his highly anticipated debut album–NAV:

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