Jahkoy – Downtown III

Jahkoy is warming up for his upcoming Valentines Day mixtape release–Forward Thinking II–with his new song release Downtown III. In the first Forward Thinking mixtape, Jahkoy released the second part of the Downtown series. Now as we approach the release date for the sequel to Forward Thinking the L.A-based Toronto artist drops the third release of the Downtown song series.

This third Downtown song by the talented singer is longer than the first two put together. It’s quite different from his first Downtown song release in which Jahkoy actually raps on. If anything could illustrate Jahkoy’s growth as an artist it’s this song series. The first one was released 3 years ago, the second one released 2 years ago and both include rap verses by the Def Jam signee whom mainly sings now. This third Downtown record is long overdue and it really shows how Jahkoy’s music has evolved.

Listen here:

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