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Omari Jabari – Blessings (Feat. Teddy Fantum & G Milla)

Brampton’s Omari Jabari is a talented producer/rapper who has worked with big Toronto names such as OVO’s Roy Woods and Toronto producer Daniel Worthy. His new release–Blessings–featuring DSTRY rapper G Milla and recording artist Teddy Fantum who is said to be affiliated with The Weeknd is straight fire!

Omari Jabari is most known for his production credits on Roy Woods song Menace off of his 2016 project release Walking At Dawn. On this new song Omari doesn’t have a production credit, but big names like Jordon Manswell and Jason Amos do. The song includes almost distorted vocals over a very smooth beat. The artists count their blessings in this dope new track.

Blessings is probably Omari Jabari’s best song release on which he raps on to date.

Listen here:

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