Mad About Bars: Tre Mission & Merky Ace

Toronto’s grime artist Tre Mission is just as big a deal in the U.K. as he is in Toronto and he made an appearance on U.K. cypher–Mad About Bars. The video includes Tre Mission going back to back on the cypher with Merky Ace. The two rappers appear on the 22nd episode of season 2 for Mad About Bars and it has some of the most spins.

Both Tre and Merky go in on the cypher! The two appeared on a track in 2016 called Steeze, which made our first monthly 6IXMIX. Tre and Merky are both members of their group Tizzy Gang. In this new cypher Tre references locations and slang terms from Toronto. Tre Mission mentions words like “kawalling” and “chinced” and locations like the Danforth and the VP (Victoria Park). Tre Mission is the only Toronto rapper putting on for the city in the U.K. and he’s doing a damn good job at it.

Check it:

Made in Toronto.

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