Hip-Hop/Rap music

Satyzee – Runnin’ Plays (Feat. Yung Tory)

For his first release of 2017, Niagara Falls rapper Sayzee taps in Toronto up-and-comer Yung Tory to drop a bumping new track titled Runnin’ Plays. Sayzee has been known in the local scene for a few years now. The experienced lyricist from southern Ontario has a series of projects under his belt.

Sayzee’s new song–Runnin’ Plays–features a newer artist to the Toronto scene, but one that has been making noise. His most viewed video is for his song Water on Youtube released in September 2016 and has over 250k spins. Yung Tory is rapidly becoming a known name in Toronto and his sound is perfect for this beat.

The two Canadian rappers collaborated seamlessly to make this amazing trap banger. Both Sayzee and Tory went in on their new song Runnin’ Plays:


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