Derek Wise – Get It Myself (Official Video)

Toronto rapper and XO affiliate Derek Wise hits the ground running with this new video release for a track titled Get It Myself. Like most–if not all–of Derek’s videos the setting dark and at night time. His sound is his own and there isn’t an artists we can compare it to. It’s almost a distorted trap sound with a hint of auto-tuned singing involved.

He has some dope and quotable wordplay in this new release, which is possibly a single off of his upcoming debut album–INGLORIOUS. He cleverly raps: “fucking this pussy the same time I count oouu boy that shit is inspiring. Heard that you niggas is broke, want you some work, come get it I’m hiring. If you ain’t done in a week you one of the niggas I’m calling and firing.”

The album drops on January 30th and we’re excited to see what Wise has in store for us. For now here’s the video for his new single Get It Myself:

Made in Toronto.

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