Belly – Re Up (Feat. NAV)


On November 11, 2016 The Weeknd’s XO group mate Belly released his Inzombia EP. Among the various features on the project was Toronto rapper/producer NAV–whom we discovered is a part of The Weeknd’s XO as well.

Rexdale’s rising star NAV is featured on Belly’s track Re Up. Both artists are apparently member’s of XO, and this is a very dope collaboration. Inzombia is a drug-influenced project and in almost all NAV’s songs the topic is drugs. The two have a great chemistry on the track, which makes sense seeing as they are somewhat label mates.

Both NAV and Belly were caught in photos together at The Weeknd’s official STARBOY release party in Toronto. Many NAV followers commented on Belly’s IG post of them beside The Weeknd at the release party.


A post shared by Belly (@belly) on


They were also caught together at an after party at Lost & Found, in a photo where NAV’s face is a little more clear. (Bottom right hand corner)


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