Meet dF: The Mastermind Producer Behind K. Forest’s Hit Song “Guidance” & More.

This month we teamed up with dF–the mastermind producer behind Guidance by K. Forest–to work with us on the second official 6IXMIX. The 6IXMIX is a monthly mix Made in Toronto hosts, which highlights dope music coming out of Toronto and the GTA’s (Greater Toronto Area) music scene. During October dF , the talented Brampton producer was busy working on K. Forest’s upcoming project Eyes of Taiga–which drops this Wednesday–but he still came through with the 6IXMIX for October 2016.

Brampton, Mississauga, Pickering, and Ajax make a big part of Toronto’s local music scene, and this year, dF raised the bar working with Brampton’s popping new singer K. Forest. dF is from Brampton, and he was the producer of K. Forest’s banger Guidance (ft. Femi Lawson), which was then remixed and re-released by Travis Scott on his album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight.

Darren Fraser aka dF is the young 22-year old producer made a great impression on the music scene this year, and has proved to be a local producer you should get used to. dF tells us that the reason he uses a lowercase d and capital F for his initials and artistic name is because it forms a music note.

The B-Town producer says he has been creating music since he was 14, and started taking music more seriously when he was 17. During high school a Music Creation he was enrolled him helped push him towards considering music as a career and enrolling in Metal Works Institute of Music Production and Audio engineering. A mutual friend from high-school introduced dF to K’s music and after seeing potential in his music he hit him up and they eventually teamed up from there.

The passion he says was always there for music and instruments reflects in the diversity of sounds he works with in his production. dF has produced bangers like Guidance and Link, which got a lot of attention, and has production credits on K. Forest’s dope project Forest Fire and upcoming EP – Eyes of Taiga. The Brampton producer also helped with production on two of his friends Jaiden and Shabazz, which both released projects recently. Although Shabazz, Jaiden, and K. Forest have all worked together, they do not form one group together. They’re all just good friends whom enjoy making good music together. Shabazz and K. Forest are in a group together called SVS (Sabali Venture Sound), which they’ve was around before they met dF.

dF is an amazing producer and really has an ear for music. The best part about it is that he’s on the come up and we get to continue seeing his growth. This talented Brampton artist has a bright future ahead of him and definitely a lot more hits in the bag. The bonus track on the 6IXMIX for October 2016 is Wells by Ashton and includes a short verse by dF.

Brampton has been making bare noise, and proven to be a breeding ground for musical talent, and dF is a prime example of that.

Check out his body of work on SoundCloud.

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