Toronto’s Daniel Caesar Makes Undeniably Amazing Music. Stop Denying It.

Daniel Caesar is a very talented artist from Toronto, which should have already made it to your music rotation (and soul). The rising Toronto artist is originally from the Pickering-Ajax area, but he moved out to Toronto after graduation. Caesar is a member of IXXI–the same group as Toronto rapper Sean Leon (who is also from the Pickering area). Both artists have made quite a name for themselves in the scene and continue to grow.

He may be young, but as Daniel tells Complex Mag, he’s always been doing music and it’s in his blood. His father used to be a singer in Jamaica and would perform at restaurants, and they’d always sing around the house as a kid. Aside from being an amazing singer and songwriter, Daniel kills it on the guitar for many of his records. His unique sound has been described as Gospel, Folk, Rock, R&B, and Soul. Caesar acknowledges his style of music is a mix of many genres that he grew up on.

On October 20, 2016, Daniel released two songs of his own after featuring on two songs in a row, one including label-mate Sean Leon’s Matthew In The Middle. One of the releases was a new song titled Get You (ft. Kali Uchis), which got a premiere on Beats 1 radio’s The Cosign show. The other is the official release of his acoustic recording of Japanese Denim off his Acoustic Break EP. Both the new releases are amazing records and show how much Daniel Caesar has been growing.

Japanese Denim was released in 2015 on his Acoustic Break EP, but it was a live acoustic recording. Now, Caesar re-releases the official mastered song. It’s an amazing song that reminds us how consistent he’s been with the music and how strong of a guitar player he is.

Get You is a new song, which is featuring Virginia singer Kali Uchis. This unreleased record is just as strong as Japanese Denim, so much so, that after I play one I have to play the other. This record doesn’t showcase Daniel’s guitar skills as much, but it really emphasizes the strength of his songwriting and vocals.

Listen to Daniel Caesar two amazing new releases Get You (Ft. Kali Uchis) and Japanese Denim:


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