The Weeknd Drops The Impressive New Short Film For His Single “False Alarm”

The King of the Fall continues to release content for the roll out of his highly anticipated album STARBOY. After releasing the first album-titled single and following up with a dope video, he follows a similar pattern with the second single False Alarm. 

The 2nd STARBOY single released about a week ago and today on October 13, 2016 Abel drops the intense and creative new video for False Alarm. The intensity of the video matches the amped up chorus, which gives this new Weeknd record almost a rock and roll type of feel.

In the new video we witness a bank robbery take place all from the perspective of one robber (who turns out to be The Weeknd). The cinematography gives it such a real feel almost like you were robbing the bank with the camera view that gamers may familiarize with Call of Duty. Each time the chorus picks up, so do the scenes in the short film. Throughout the robbery gone wrong, one robber–aka The Weeknd (or us the viewers)–helps keep a beautiful young hostage alive through the shoot out through to the escape.

The music video was extremely well done and is very entertaining. The creativity of making the viewer feel like he’s the robber makes it a unique experience. From start, the video is a thrilling watch right to the last shot (literally) where Abel kills himself.

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