King Bvnks – Sauce Drippa [Official Video]

A 20-year old Scarborough new comer named King Bvnks drops a follow up to his track Digital Dash. We first heard of King Bvnks on his previous video for Digital Dash. The rapper caught our attention with his wavy and catchy flows on the record. At the beginning of the video there was a snippet to his new record Sauce Drippa. You could tell right off that snippet that it had the potential to be a banger so we reached out to make sure he sent in the video when it was ready.


Bvnks is a young new rapper from the east side with a wavy flow that can get easily you rapping along. The rapper says that music alongside sports was what helped him see light in dark times growing around poverty and crime. Growing up Bvnks was inspired by artists like DMX, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Biggie among other rappers. The Scarborough rapper explains that:

“The way they could get a crowd of people moving and bopping to their music using their lyrical talent amazed me and that was when I asked myself what if I could do that? Listening to the styles and flows of these MCs made me love music. Music has the ability to play with your emotions and give you a range of feelings expressed through the sound you hear from these guys.”

Bvnks was always inspired by these artists, but it was just when he was around 16-17 years old when he really started exploring music thanks to a music class that helped him learn how to produce beats.


Now, about 4 years after he first started pursuing the music thing King Bvnks comes to us with his new music video for this wavy new song Sauce Drippa. Don’t slip on this one it’s a banger!



Made in Toronto.

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