Meet DJ KARIM K: A UK-Born, Toronto-Based DJ, Engineer, and Manager.

The first official 6IXMIX releases today at 6PM and it wouldn’t have been possible with out the help of UK-born, Toronto-based DJ and manager DJ KARIM K. Karim is the official DJ for Toronto singer 11:11, and co-founder of VENT music along with Aaron Billz and Adrian Duncan–the rapper Karim manages.

Karim is a 26-year old DJ who came to Toronto in 2012, fell in love with the city, and came to stay in 2014. On his vacation in 2012 he met Aaron Billz and they became very close friends. Two years later Karim came back for good. The English DJ says he didn’t come to Toronto with the idea of pursuing music, it just sort of happened. Spending time with Aaron Billz and Adrian Duncan so often, led them to start taking music seriously and they started VENT (Virtuoso Entertainment).

Before moving to Toronto he had a group in England with UK rapper Coco. Karim may have not come with the intentions of pursuing music, but within the first year he was already back at it. Within his first year of moving to our city he became very active in the local music scene. While creating the mix we came to notice how connected he is to local artists in our scene. Karim personally knew various artists on the 6IXMIX and that really helped make the process go faster. Karim K is more tuned in to our local music scene than most Torontonians, and it’s impressive how quickly he adapted to life in a new city.

Since he came to Toronto DJ Karim has been very active in our music scene. Karim became a manager and co-founder of a start-up independent label, engineered Adrian Duncan’s first mixtape Tape Quality, became 11:11’s official DJ, hosted 11:11’s first headlining show, hosted a show for American artist Elhae, and recently started engineering at Majur Musik studios in Markham.

11-11-rivoli elhae-rivoli

It’s safe to say since he touched down in Toronto Karim K and the VENT music team have grown a lot. The best part about their growth it that it’s so organic. Karim is a social dude and that has led him to make acquaintances and friends with many Torontonians who are also pursuing a career in music. A lot of artists now a days work from behind the computer screen and do their networking online. Not many are going out to events on a regular basis and creating that organic growth where you interact with local artists and audiences on a more personal level. Karim and the VENT team are really good at creating that organic growth. Our first interaction with them was at MNFTO’s Buy Local event at the Rivoli and they were very welcoming.



We want to give a big thank you to Karim K and a special shout out to his team. Make sure to follow him on all social medias (links are below).

Without further a due we present the first official 6IXMIX:







Made in Toronto.

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