It’s Been An OVO Summer, But XO Is Coming For The Fall.

It’s been lit in the 6ix all Summer 16, but the leaves are starting to change and the King of the Fall is back. On September 21, 2016 The Weeknd released his new album title STARBOY along with the album cover. The Toronto superstar has been making headlines and getting the social media world to talk about the Scarborough native (and his haircut)  since the announcement.

Less than 12 hours after announcing the album he released the first single titled after the album featuring daft punk. The song has already been referred to by various blogs as a hit and there’s no doubt it will be. Abel sets the bar high with the first record off STARBOY and it released on the first official Autumn day in Toronto.

It’s safe to say it’s been an OVO Summer. The post–VIEWS months were clearly OVO–dominated. Roy Woods and PARTYNEXTDOOR released albums plus the prestigious OVO Fest was in August. Even the fact so much dancehall–influenced records released from Toronto was a wave OVO only made larger throughout the Summer. Now it’s come to an end and right on September 22, 2016 (official start date of Fall in Toronto) XO season kicked off in great style.

The Weeknd is coming off a Grammy–winning album and by the sound of this new record he’s going for another one. A day after the first single release, billboard ads of The Weeknd’s album STARBOY started going up everywhere. It’s safe to say XO season is here and this next Weeknd album will be just as big or even bigger than his last album–Beauty Behind The Madness.


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