Jayd Ink – DarkSkin (Prod. kAui)

If you don’t already think dark skinned tings are winning Jayd Ink is about to change your mind with her amazing new song DarkSkin. The beautiful Toronto R&B singer mentions local areas like Chalkfarm, Galloway (Scarborough), the west side of Toronto, and downtown. Jayd is preaching facts in her new record when she says: “Dark Skin girls they always saying: that you pretty for a dark skin, that your pretty for a dark skin. WTF does that mean?”. We all know a few dark skins sweeter than some light skin and white girls. In her new record Jayd Ink attacks the generalizers. What better way to prove dark skin girls are just as beautiful as girls of any other skin tone than to have a dark skin beauty perform this dope and meaningful record DarkSkin.

Check it:

Made in Toronto.

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