8 Instagram Posts By Drake’s Dad Of The “6God” As A Kid.

It’s well known that although Drake is from Toronto, his father–Dennis Graham–is from Memphis. In many songs there’s referrals to the summers he spent with his father in the American city. Drake constantly mentions his father in his music, so much so that he’s become a modern day celebrity of sorts. Although he was also a musician in his younger days, he was not really a celebrity like Drake is.

Nowadays the demographic social media is expanding to older generations. Our parents and grandparents are slowly becoming more active on social media. It went from Facebook to Instagram and it’s growing to others too. At first it wasn’t good news ’cause this provides parents another place to see what you’re up to and share old (sometimes embarassing) photos of you as a kid. Looks like celebrities get put on blast by their parents too, because Dennis Graham’s Instagram account is packed with photo’s of young Drake. In honour of #ThrowBackThursday we’ve fished out a few images off Mr. Graham’s IG to show you Drake as a kid.

Here’s 8 Instagram posts by Drake’s father of Drizzy as a kid:

img_8493 img_0009

img_7419 img_9709

img_7547 img_6965

img_7226 img_7946

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