The Ultimate All-Toronto Hip-Hop/R&B Festival Line Up.

It’s been a crazy year for Toronto, which has made it a crazy year for our blog. Artists from our city have been consistently releasing music, performing in the city, traveling to perform in the U.S., getting major co-signs, and even more has been going on in our scene. With all the music coming out of Toronto plus the music coming from mainstream artists from the States and the U.K. it makes it easy to get overwhelmed.

On August 3rd, 2016 we shared a concept poster for a festival line up of ONLY Toronto rappers and singers.


The list included many of the artists making the most noise in the past year or so. This concept poster got a lot of attention from many artists, hip-hop fans, and followers of our blog.


A lot of it was good feedback and people showing how much they support their local artists.


There were also a many messages and mentions that nominated (or reminded us of) other rappers who should’ve made the list.


Surprisingly some of the artists who were mentioned were actually big names (i.e. Kardinal Offishall & Daniel Caesar) who we had forgotten while making the line up. The fact we got all this attention and engagement from fans of Toronto hip-hop goes to show how big our music scene is getting to be. 2016 has been a crazy year so far. We’re sorry for all the artists we accidentally missed, but that also goes to show how big our scene is getting! We’ve updated the list and added a few names that were mentioned to us on Twitter, which really caught our attention that we missed.

The updated list is on our Instagram page. Like and Follow us. We’re following back all Canadian accounts who follow us today. 


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