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Joe Budden Drops His THIRD Drake Diss Track.

Joe Budden has made the 6 God not seem so Godly. Budden hit Drake with 2 diss tracks before we got a short, (and disappointing) response by Drizzy on French’s song No Shopping. This short new response from Drake released via OVO Sound Radio on Saturday, July 16. Shortly after it was aired on OVO’s show, Joe Budden took to Twitter to claim himself the victor with a retweet of a charged down photo and cover of the OVO owl with a crying Jordan face.

A few hours after that Joey released his third Drake diss track. The cover was the CN Tower with smoke coming out of it, and it’s called Afraid. Budden cleverly samples a part of Drake’s song The Resistance. Joe Budden claims himself the victor in this new diss track, and attempts to prove he was right and that the industry changed Drake (an artist Joe once admired). There’s some very witty bars in this new Drake diss i.e. “how is it too late if I’m reading your tomb” or “show up at partynextdoor with a noise ordinance” among many others.

Take it in:

What do you think? Has Joe Budden officially put down the 6 God? or is Drake definitely going to cook something up to respond?

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