Toronto Rap Groups Prime Boys and 878 Halal Gang Might Have Joined Forces!

Today on July 16, 2016 a new Toronto banger surfaced to the scene. It’s called El Chapo and it was released via a Toronto SoundCloud page that was unknown to us called Full Circle. We found this as a surprise because we know most Toronto SoundCloud pages and upcoming artists, so we took a deeper look.

First we listened to the song, and much to our surprise this track with no artist names on the title had Smokedawg, Donnie, Puffy L’z and Jay Whiss on it. This really caught our interest especially when we realized Jimmy Prime and other members of Prime and 878 Halal Gang were sharing the track.




After seeing all these tweets we were almost certain this is an attempt to merge both of the groups with the biggest Drake/OVO co-sign in the city. Before going a little bit deeper just to be sure, we mentioned the merged groups new Twitter page Full CircleTheir new page immediately liked the tweet.


After this I finished it off my quick research by checking the artists this new page was following. At this point I was pretty certain it’s 878 and Prime’s new group, so when we seen that the page followed only members of those two groups it was a wrap.

following fullcircleonly

The fact Smokedawg continues to shout out 878 Halal Gang on the track could mean these Full Circle pages could be promo pages for a joint project. It’s highly unlikely they’d make social media pages for a temporary thing, but nothing has been confirmed as of now. We’ve contacted the email on their Twitter for more background information on what Full Circle is exactly, but we haven’t received a reply yet. The obvious guess based on what we see suggests that the two groups have merged to create a powerhouse label.

What do you think? Have 878 Halal Gang and the Prime Boys joined forces?

If they have, do you think it’s a smart move? or will it slow down the artists individual careers now that there’s more of them?

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