6 Boroughs That Technically Aren’t A Part of The 6ix, But Should Be.

In July 2014 Drake helped popularized the Jimmy Prime-coined name for our city “The 6ix” by announcing his album title Views From The 6. Since 2014 and Drake’s announcement, the media mention of this nickname for the enchanting city of Toronto grew substantially. This brought to light questions as to where the name came from, and with questions come answers. Soon we had blogs telling us that Jimmy Prime initially coined it, that it refers to the two area codes 416 and 647, and that it came about because there are 6 boroughs in Toronto. The boroughs are East York, Etobicoke, North York, Old Toronto, Scarborough, and York.


This was all great, but the only problem was it technically excluded a few boroughs of other regions of the GTA that are apart of the Toronto’s music scene. You might ask why is this a problem? These GTA boroughs just on the outside of the 6 boroughs that make up the Toronto region share a similar culture. The following boroughs are technically not Toronto, but they’re a short bus ride away from Canada’s music and entertainment capital.

West: • Mississauga  • Brampton

East:  • Pickering  • Ajax

North: • Vaughan  • Markham



These are the boroughs that surround the Toronto region and the young residents most likely were at many Toronto functions, and spent time hanging out with crowds from the 6ix. There is a lot of talented artists in these suburbs. Artists like Sean Leon from Ajax, Derin Falana from Brampton, Ramriddlz from Mississauga are prime examples of artists adding value to the Toronto scene without living within the 6 boroughs. Artists from these areas all make reference to Toronto in one way or another, whether it’d be a street name, a venue name, or a local slang term–Toronto is present. The irony is that a lot of the Toronto hip-hop/R&B scene’s rising artists are from these boroughs outside the 6ix.

Here’s a few artists from the outer 6 boroughs that add value to Toronto’s music scene:

John River – Mississauga

Ramriddlz – Mississauga

SYPH – Mississauga


Derin Falana – Brampton

Pryde – Brampton

K. Forest – Brampton

Tory Lanez – Brampton

Alessia Cara – Brampton

Boi-1da – Ajax

Sean Leon – Ajax

Peter Jackson – Ajax

Joe Impala – Ajax

Although the Vaughan and Markham areas have no artists on the list above. They still surround Toronto and probably spend time in Toronto, or with communities from Toronto.

What do you think? Should these regions outside the 6 boroughs be considered the 6ix? Comment and Share!


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