Joe Budden Drops Back To Back Diss Tracks On Mr. Back to Back Himself (Drake)

Joe Budden is not done with Drake by the look of his social media posts. After seeing the post OVO Noel made on IG and the Boi-1da comment that came with it, Joey decided he’d better get ready for round 2 (if he wasn’t already). He made several tweets throughout the week 1 of them telling Boi-1da to “stay neutral” and the other quoting Drake’s Back to Back:


He then went to IG to release an art cover with the CN Tower in it and the photo OVO Noel posted on IG, but faded over the text WAKE. 

ovo noel post Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.29.31 PM

It appears this may be his next diss track aimed at the Toronto rapper. Especially after the fact he took to Instagram 2 days after to give a subtle shot at Meek Mill via this dummy art cover.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.29.50 PM

Now if you remember the Drake and Meek Mill battle, Drake released back to back diss tracks at Meek before he could even drop one. Joe Budden seems to be prepared to do the same thing but to Mr. Back to Back (Drake) himself.
A few hours after this post was published Joey did it! He went back to back rounds on the Toronto superstar.
Joey seems to be aware his method of dropping these diss tracks is similar to how Drake dropped his Meek diss tracks. The podcast-hosting rapper even uses a cover that is a play on the cover Drake used for Back to Back. When Drake dropped Back To Back the Toronto Blue Jays were facing the Phillies and he used a classic photo of Joe Carter celebrating his home run against Philly. What Joe did was use the viral photo of Blue Jay Jose Bautista getting his glasses punched off of his face. Joe even pokes fun at the rappers lines in Back to Back from the tweet we quoted above to mimicking another Back to Back line in his son by saying: “I waited 5 days nigga where y’all at”.  Very creative Joey, and a great way to show hip-hop heads that this is your Back to Back on Drake.
Made in Toronto.

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