This New Toronto Slang-Themed Apparel By Youtuber ThatDudeMcFly Is Lit!

If you’re from Toronto or have met a Torontonian, you’ve probably been introduced in one way or another to our lingo. The popularity of Toronto and the slang used in the best city in the world has become very known to pop culture. Thanks to the growth of our city, our arts in culture has been getting a lot of attention. Artists like Drake, Jimmy Prime, and Youtubers like 4YALLEntertainment and ThatDudeMcFly are shedding light to outsiders about our culture via their craft. Things have changed a lot. People know words from our lingo now, and more importantly they don’t think we live in igloos, or that we say “eh” after every sentence anymore. That’s all thanks to projects like ThatDudeMcFly’s new apparel launch. The merchandise, which can be found here uses words and phrases that are part of the Toronto slang in the fonts of other globally known brands. Take a look at some of the products below.

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