6 MUCHFACT Sponsored Music Videos We’re Awaiting The Release Of

The Toronto music scene has witnessed an explosion of growth in the past few years. Being a hip-hop or R&B artist in the 6ix was never easy. The culture lacked organizations to sponsor the music, and other arts. Now, although we still need organizations to fuel the hip-hop industry with funds and opportunity, things have improved. MUCHFACT is a grant that has been provided to Canadian acts for a few years now. Known videos like Jazz Cartier’s New Religion, and Majid Jordan’s My Love featuring Drake are two examples of the many dope videos sponsored by MUCHFACT. The grants are offered about 6 times a year, and a long list of artists get funding for music videos, digital projects, and digital tools. We’re more than halfway through the year and 3 long lists of recipients for grants have been released. The lists give us the names of the artist and song they are getting funding for.

Here’s the 6 MUCHFACT Music Videos we’re waiting to release:


February 2016 MuchFact Grant Recipients

Tasha The Amazon – Picasso Leaning 

In February Tasha The Amazon was named as one of the MUCHFACT grant recipients for a music video. About a month ago she officially released the audio for the track she got the video grant for Picasso Leaning. This could easily mean the music video is on the way. There’s no doubt it will drop during the summer.


April 2016 MuchFact Grant Recipients

Majid Jordan – Small Talk 

OVO’s Majid Jordan got yet another MUCHFACT grant in April. Once again it’s for a video off of their debut album Majid Jordan. 

Raz Fresco – Flows

This is an interesting recipient just because of the fact this is an unreleased song. It looks like Raz Fresco is releasing new music soon called Flows and it’s coming with a video, as he received a music video grant  for this song in April.

River Tiber – Acid Test

A few weeks ago Toronto’s rising star River Tiber released his debut album Indigo. The album got good comments and reviews from a few sites and bloggers including a rating of 7.8 from Pitchfork. Now we know the artist received a grant to make a video for Acid Test off of his album.


June 2016 MuchFact Grant Recipients

John River – Pray For Me

John River has had some success with MUCHFACT. His last MUCHFACT sponsored video was the single Hope City 2 from his project The Storm. The video got a nominated for a MMVA and help put Sauga on the map. On June 2016 he received another music video grant for an unreleased song called Pray For Me. Let’s hope it’s as successful as Hope City 2.

Roy Wood$ – Go, Go, Go 

On Canada Day OVO’s Roy Wood$ released his debut full-length album Walking At Dawn. In June he received a MUCHFACT grant to produce a video for his song Go, Go, Go off of his 2015 project Exis EP. Looks like Brampton’s crooner wants to give new life to this amazing old song.


Stay tuned to our blog for the release of all these music videos.

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