Why Joe Budden’s Diss “Making A Murderer (Pt. 1)” Won’t Be Enough To Beat Drake.

In case you already didn’t hear about Drake and Joe Budden’s feud here’s the quick 411 before I tell you why Joey won’t win this one. A few weeks ago Joe Budden made a comment about Views on his podcast. This podcast and Budden’s comments on it about Drake’s latest project VIEWS was what sparked the beef. Joe then felt Drake’s song 4PM in Calabasas had shots in it directed at him. Eventually the Rapper/Podcaster decided he wanted to diss Drake to get him to make more inspired music. Drake’s voice then appeared on a snapchat by French Montana where he allegedly refers to Joe Budden by saying “pump, pump it up.”

The internet and social media obviously went nuts. At first Joe Budden brushed it off, and didn’t believe that was enough to really mean a diss track was on the way.

Then OVO Noel posted a photo on Instagram of him working on a track where Toronto’s well-known producer Boi-1da commented “Drake Diss Marketing” 

OVO Noel IG Post

This caught Budden’s attention a bit more, and he took to twitter with this tweet:

This was a day after he released his Drake diss (with a jab towards Meek) Making A Murder Pt.1:


Budden actually released a pretty good diss record. The style of it was the typical old school bar after bar, shot after shot diss track (for the whole 6 minutes). It starts off with a sample of Drake showing praise to Joe Budden years ago when he was in New York after So Far Gone released. It was the perfect sample to have in this track, and  the perfect shot to take at the 6God. Joe proves he’s not just a podcaster and can still rap, but he may be stuck in the past. Although fans of old school hip-hop will still enjoy and appreciate Joey’s diss record, it just can’t bang with the catchy diss tracks that Drizzy can provide.

Here’s a few reasons why Joe Budden can’t beat Drake:

  1. Drake has a bigger core fan base than Joe Budden and they’ll blindly support him to the grave.
  2. Joe Budden’s diss is too long and too old school. Our generation has a short attention span.
  3. Hip-Hop has evolved and making your music sound good and melodic is crucial.
  4. Drake can spit witty shots over a hit single (i.e. Back to Back). How can you compete with a diss record that is a hit?
  5. Joe Budden’s career stats can’t even touch Drake’s and he’s been around longer.
  6. Joe Budden has been speaking on Drake and Meek for too long, and it looks like he’s seeking media attention.
  7. Drake has one of the strongest teams of producers which can help make his diss record sound much better than Joe’s
  8. It’s still Drake season.

A lot of you may be thinking: “what does how it sounds, or who has better stats matter if Joe out-raps Drake?”

Well first off, I’m not too sure Joe Budden can out-rap Drake. Secondly, The short attention-span of our generation will make it easy for people to just skip Budden’s 6 minute diss, and listen to Drake’s shorter and catchier one (if he drops one).


What do y’all think? Can Joe Budden take Drake? or is he going to be another victim of Toronto’s greatest rapper?



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