Travis Scott Has A Project On The Way And There’s A Good Chance A Remix of “Guidance” Is On It


Almost a month ago, Brampton singer K. Forest teamed up with Toronto’s Femi Lawson AKA Baba Femi, and producer DF for this new hit. If you haven’t already heard of it the song is called Guidance and it’s on an Afro Soca vibe.

Many artists in Toronto have been getting noticed for releasing music on a more tropical feel. Rappers and singers like Drake, and Tory Lanez have been releasing dancehall influenced tracks. This trend has grown and is getting the attention of many mainstream artists. K. Forest switched it up (with the left like Ginobli) and hit us with an Afro Soca song instead of a Dancehall or Reggae song. He collaborated with one of Toronto’s well known Youtuber’s Femi Lawson for this catchy new song. Femi takes the hilarious role of Baba Femi in many of his videos. His Nigerian accent is on point, and he takes it to a whole new level by using it on his verse for Guidance. The fact Femi used his accent on the song gave it a more authentic feel.

Listen to it here:

Shortly after releasing this amazing song they were contacted by Travis Scott with the intention of remixing it. Check out the clip of Travis Scott’s remix to Guidance below:

Now, Travis Scott announces he’s releasing his album in a week. Sources say the Guidance remix will be on the album. This is a huge step for K. Forest, Femi, and Toronto’s music scene as a whole.

Stay tuned to Made in Toronto. for the official release of Travis Scott’s remix to Guidance.

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